Trucks ramming bollards

I edit a magazine and (soon to be rebuilt) website about security – physical and digital. We started covering both topics about 4 1/2 years ago. At the time some folks said we were crazy to mix the two; now those folks look silly.

Don’t know what your perception of physical security might be. Many people seem to think it’s dullsville. My goodness, nothing could possibly be further from the truth. The reason I was in Vegas was to attend the annual ASIS trade show and as much as I dislike trade shows, this one geeks me out in the very best sense. I wander the show floor watching videos of trucks hitting bollards – the immobile posts that, um, stop trucks. Go here and click on any of the “video” segments; search YouTube for “bollards” for more fun.

This stuff is better than mixed martial arts. Buried perimeter intrusion detection systems, long-range acoustic equipment for eavesdropping, specialized locking devices for manhole covers, bomb-sniffing dogs, night-vision surveillance cameras, pepper-ball guns…you name it, it’s there.


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  1. Derek, this is on the edge but quite serious. Are you familiar with ‘The VIX’, or CBOE volatility index, in stock market behavior? It is major. It moves reciprocle to the market, and is almost perfectly correlated with the stock market, measuring ‘fear’.

    That is to say, it measures the price premium on OEX (SPX is the Standard and Poors 500, so OEX is the 100 and therefore more compact, long story) puts and calls, so prices the degree of fear or lack of fear. To me, the market is a measure of the perception of the possibility of future exogenus geopolitical, financial, and global shocks, or the security that such are less likely if not unlikely to be expressed.

    As crowds burgeon, their confidence that xyz events and processes will continue coalesce, and aggegrate in pricing or lumpy integers such as gold below $700 or above 700, oil above $70, ten year bonds or TNX below 5.0% or two year government notes presaging another Federal Reserve interest rate cut in January, and so on…

    As financial markets become more secure, in feedback, this attracts more money, or what is called the ‘virtuous circle’. Eventually, optimism reaches excess, relative to actual events or material reality, and the bubble bursts. Right now, the VIX is quite low, below its standard deviation, and presages severe market recoil or drop, despite word that Buffet is willing to consider buying 25% of BSC or Bear Sterns. I can assure you, if it is news, he ALREADY owns a bunch, and simple wants more, and must file a 13Q or K, etc.

    This is sideways to you, but not off kilter. Relational security, physical, demographic, environmental, social, spiritual, but of course financial, and stocks rule, and in them, the VIX rules supreme:$SPX,$RUT,$NDX,$VIX,$WTIC,$DJAIG,$CRB,$GOLD,$USD,$CPC|B|B4$VIX$SPX

    warnmest, dk

    fyi, just as VIX and SPX are reciprocles, so GOLD and $USD are inverse. The gold is anti dollar.

  2. Oh, wow. I always thought that for physical security, people just hire a couple bouncers, and they’re pretty much set. Then again, it’s not like there’s an infinite supply of beefy, tough-looking guys. People must have to resort to that other stuff once all the bouncers are taken…

  3. Schweet! You guys hiring?

    Actually, even the simplest stuff people just don’t think about. I always close and lock my office door when I leave it; my coworkers don’t. There are laptops, external disks, etc. lying around and there’s not always someone here watching. Stupid. Granted we’re not NSA or nuthin’, but it would suck to lose a laptop.

    I keep telling them… Maybe I should take something and hide it to get the message across.


  4. i find security management pretty exciting and fun. i always wanted to go to an ASIS convention seminar thing. lucky! (that last bit was said in the napolean dynamite voice)

  5. David – I wasn’t familiar with most of the terms in your comment, so thank you for posting it. (Just found it in my spam filter, presumably because of the links.) This looks like a macro-macro-macro level version of an argument that we try to quantify for our readers, which is that security is not merely a cost center but rather can add value to an individual company/brand when managed intelligently.

    I have started collating a post looking at some economics blogs and yours is great – but so infrequently updated! :)

    Donnie – oh but it’s ever so much more nuanced than that. Consider Starbucks. Source materials grown around the world, often in economically depressed and/or relatively volatile environments. What security measures should they put in place (or not) at which points and at what expense in order to ensure supplier safety, product safety, continuity of supply? What processes, what technical safeguards, what law enforcement relationships? Then there’s the distribution and retail presence around the world. Varying customs requirements. Varying cultural views of security. Etc etc. Good stuff, requiring sophisticated planning and execution. Part of Starbucks’ approach is that they actually build schools in coffee supply areas, raising the local education level and helping to add further economic stability. Pretty cool.

    Matt – You wouldn’t be the first to “steal” a laptop for educational purposes….

    Chessloser – thank you, that’s affirming :) If you want to go next year (Atlanta), I’ll help wrangle you a show pass.

  6. thank you.

    i have VERY little ego in investment since i truly did it, with nothing to prove. $40m by myself, or as GM-Ram says, known by hand.

    similarly architecture. i almost never show anyone my work any longer, or drawings, even though i have copied DaVinchis. i went to The Met every days for weeks once, to view an anotomical drawing, running past rembrants and vermeers with my eyes almost closed, so as to not loose my sense, and run in, view it, and leave, then copied it from a book in pen and ink. the architecture program at Cooper Union, as you might know, might be harder to get into than Harvard or MIT generally, but gives a home exam to test for creativity.

    when i was eighteen, all got odd, as i started to have full on psychic experiences, then had a photographic memory. i instinctively knew to get rid of it, as the distance from society needed, i didnt so much know as sensed, would make me truly crazy. then my first love, helped further connect me to earth. then years of business and struggle.

    if you give me an email, i can send you my consolidated model in xls, with the VIX versus momentum, and or an email i just sent yasser highlighting 4 days RSI versus market tops. we are due for pain. i got up early, and bought forteen NASDAQ 100 51 puts at a great price. a 2% move down in the nasd is a 29% loss. a 3% move down near term is a 46% gain; 4% drop is a 120% gain.

    my model shows how infrequent our current position is. a falling dollar, massive fiscal debt. Bush?

    look at a graphic of the EEM.

    or go to, then market data, the stocks, then drill to work indexes, then asia/pacific, then drill into (you will see it!!) ‘more asia/pacific’ then view the graphic of the Shanghai A.


    yes china is huge. but a 180% gain in a year???? mania. the Extraordinary Delusions and Madness of Crowds.

    did you see my last post??? may i suggest?

    blood in streets soon in markets, and i will be glad. we are not secure, and the view that we are ok again is the worst thing! and great for a bear like me.

    warmest, dk

  7. when i date a woman new, i always say, ‘dont ever lie to me, i will know’. i dreamed the first 9-11 attack. i dreamed the biotech explosion. i dreamed a woman at work the night she simply talked with the father of her next child, and the depth of their love, and they connected. the next day, i told her my dream. her eyes popped out. i cannot stand bs.

    Yassers mom was a practicing psychic. touchstones.

  8. America is in serious trouble. i feel discomfort being here. seriously. the pain we have given most sorrowfully will be given back to us. i do not wish this, but i can see it.

    this is why i work at Lowes or Home Depot, as i have opted out of the corporate world, knowing nothing is safe any more.

    the temple has fallen.

  9. sometimes in a retail setting, customers (not the majority, but a fair share for sure) can be very rude, or passive aggressive, not anything like that here sincerely.

    sometimes after someone really tries to put me ‘one down’, i turn to the nearest person next to me and say: “did YOU hear that? if they had just said ‘fu_k you’ to me, that would have been more honest’.

    so the nice folks can be disturb when phoney. or, when folks are nasty, i give them credit for being real. ‘At least he (or she) is real.

    so if this real for you, i applaud that liquid egg product. fyi, i added you to my sidebar two hours ago, so syncronicity not the worst.

    i really like this blog, and, to that extent, i give what i do my all. even if i hate to edit or spell check… prefering one big gush, sometimes fresh, sometimes faulty, but real. and alive.

    were it not for GM and CAT in the capital goods space, or YHOO, INTC (or SNDK/KLAC also in the semiconductor space) in the tech space, today would have been a lot worse (good for those who sold or bought the right to sell)….

    the illusion of security in america is perhaps our biggest problem, i feel.

  10. Derek: Apologies for the threadjack. We’ve gotten far afield.

    David: Next time, I must remember the tag. I don’t find you disturbing, David, don’t worry!

    It will take me a little time to decide whether to reciprocate the link. I don’t link to others unless I find them interesting, so it all depends on the content!

  11. To REALLY hijack it: I actually enjoy a good thread hijacking. In the sense that the collective of david k, liquid egg product, chessloser, gatsby, harvey, greg k, globular, BDK, howard g, etc etc has a great deal of knowledge I don’t have, so I really like it when you chuck in these fascinating topical swerves. Makes Reassembler more interesting to *me*!

    the only threadjackings I don’t like are the predictable and repetitive ones – e.g. there are periods where every comment train on Mig’s Daily Dirt turns into an argument about the world championship, with the same cast of characters repeating the same positions and arguments ad nauseum. That’s pretty dull. (So of course you simply ignore the rest of the thread once it turns.

  12. liquid egg, no worries, i have plent of folks to pay attention to me, such as the man at my house for dinner, who played Tal in Russia who, totally drunk on rocking train and couldnt see the board, annihilated him in 18 moves anyway, and met Yasser through Dr. Anthony Saidy… after the Germans tried to bomb him on top of a train, as it ripped his pack completely off, but hit his friend… I know i am not interesting, and dont know anyone interesting so please dont feel the need. :)

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