Academic quote of the year

“Once you have tenure, it’s all edible panties, firearms and blow.”

– professor/theoretical physicist Mark Trodden, as quoted on Cosmic Variance.


6 thoughts on “Academic quote of the year

  1. So I went to the guys blog… and it’s a great read – especially the “unsolicited advice” series. Like #5 where he is advising post-docs on applying for a faculty job.

    The guy sounds like he is usually the adult in the room…

  2. me – ha, you scare me (us?)

    Harvey – Cosmic Variance is a group blog and the faculty-job-thing was by another contributor. I am starting to read CV more regularly as it’s funny and approachable for those of us with less of a hard-science background.

    My dad, the author of a book on Infrared Spectroscopy, will be so proud.

  3. does this mean that it wasnt a tactical blunder to wear (* truly! * ) safety orange turtle neck shirts and bright orange sox to Morgan Stanley, back in the day i was ranked 1, 2, or 5 in my sales category out of 12,000 brokers? i wore them two times a week for nine months once i started to feel my wild oats. i dont think they liked it, but, back then, no one dared say a word, for i was a money tree–for awhile.

    no i am a tiny bit more like Don Juan in his one book, of note, Journey to Ixtlan, where Castinata talks about being invisible. now, i still attract a lot of attention EVERYWHERE, but not to that degree.

    and, when i want, and endeavor to be more invisible.

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