Word of the day: Foudroyant

Dazzling or stunning.

Literally. It’s from the French word for “to strike by lightning”.

The crepuscular evening gray was shattered by a foudroyant thunderstorm.

TMI moment: The etymology reminded me of the word fulgent – shining brightly, radiant. So I looked that up too. My old American Heritage lists the origin of foudroyant as “fulgere, to flash” and the origin of fulgent as “fulgere, to shine”. Where are their copyeditors?!


2 thoughts on “Word of the day: Foudroyant

  1. Yo donaría mis órganos, pero tendrían que ponsÃr©elos a alguien con instinto suicida y poco apego a la vida, porque no creo que le duren mucho los míos y además de segunda mano.

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