Top Chef: More food, less whine

So it’s Hung after all. Finally I get one right.

My wife had anticipated Casey joining Harold and Ilan in the celestial pantheon of ‘Those Who Prevailed’ (while Hung and Dale, in her view, were supposed to join Marcel in doing the ‘We’ll Just Stand Here Looking Pitiful While Everybody Hugs The Winner’ bit.)

They’ve already indicated in the Bravo blogs that season four has been cast. Unlike the end of season two – when I thought I was unlikely to keep watching, given the unrelenting focus on the contestants’ juvenile antics and attitudes – I think season three has sustained my appetite for Top Chef. The choice of sous/prep chefs for the finale (Rocco DeSpirito, Michelle Berstein, Todd “I have too many restaurants to recall” English) pretty much cemented that.

It has nothing to do with the celebrity factor.

Evidently somebody at Bravo got the message that you’ve got to keep at least one camera focused on the plate.


6 thoughts on “Top Chef: More food, less whine

  1. ive been watching here on the west coast, and am 1:13 from the finale, so i guess there is no secret now, right.

    seriously, this is a very good show. i dont watch it all the time, but catch it in pieces, but this time it really grabbed me, and i have thought of your throughout this episode tonight.

    imagine cooking at Le Circue (sp?) and doing that potatoe leek thing… Hong is very good. the gal is very good, they four are standing right how, and went to your blog to check in, in no way knowing youd post this…


    the gobbled comment, i will rewrite and post to your blog in days ahead at the right moment, so it doesnt fall out of view. apropos Levi-Straus.

    stomach virus, very bad, simple brown rice tonight and vegetables, after taking a VERY deep acting homeopathic remedy from my Doc…

    warmest, dk

  2. I knew Hung was going to win from the 1st episode. Tom C eyes him with a feeling that is a cross between proud papa and hidden lust. I was just shocked that Tre wasn’t beside him.

    By the way, I think Dale made much better food throughout the season, but I know that most people think Hung is a better chef. I am not going to argue about it. Promise. :-)

  3. i’m glad hung won. he was clearly the most technical. dale, while able to pull out a good meal, wasn’t consistent. and he would often pair things up wrong. maybe he was trying to be adventurous and not play it safe, but he should have been more consistent.

    hung should have made wasabi ginger chocolate truffles with sesame seeds for a dessert. super easy, doesn’t take any time, blends the asian and the european, and WOW TASTY!

  4. I’ll take your word for it on the truffles. :)

    So you see Hung taking the judges’ word for it and making final dishes with Korean ingredients. I wonder if that really constitutes “soul” (something that, his impassioned finale declarations notwithstanding, he never mentioned in episodes one through fifteen hundred or whatever) and if he’ll move forward with more of a sense of his own style, or if he’ll remain hung up on technique.

    But I agree, he was the best chef. Dale had tons more hutzpah but couldn’t deliver 100% of the time. You’re dead on there.

  5. “or if he’ll remain hung up on technique.”

    was that intentional? cause it’s funny. “hung” up on technique…

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