The Central Libertarian Organization

The Central Libertarian Organization ™ is pleased to announced its formation. All members will be required to participate only in certified Libertarian ™ behaviors. Annual dues are $4 million per person to support activities such as the Libertarian Wiretapping Project ™, aimed at ferreting out anti-Libertarian sentiment in the general populace.

* Note for touchy people: This is purely for amusement. It’s not intended to further contribute to the rotten quality of political discourse in this country. 


9 thoughts on “The Central Libertarian Organization

  1. I formed the Antisocialist Party years ago, but no one would show up at any of the meetings. We had a convention too, but people just stayed in their hotel rooms and watched TV.


  2. As a Libertarian myself I support your freedom to engage in such tomfoolery at the expense of entrenched parties :-)

  3. for the first time in my 38 years on this spinning ball of dirt, i registered to vote. when i moved here to colorado and got my new driver’s license, they asked me if i wanted to register, and i said yes. i am now an official registered libertarian…but i aint gonna pay no 4 million bucks i tell you that right now…

  4. Egg – we’re watching you, man.

    Harvey – gracias. The people best positioned to influence moderates are the ones with a sense of humor. (True for marketers of all other stripes as well.)

    Chessloser – I’m late to politics myself. (I seem to be late to a lot of important things, and must constantly invoke the Better Late Than Never bit.)

  5. Derek: Hey, I’m no libertarian!

    Chessloser: Voting is overrated, although your mileage my vary.

    In the most recent elections for Congress, many districts in my area, including mine had essentially a one-person race. And Katherine Harris was such an awful choice of candidate, the Senate race wasn’t worth voting on either. (Your area of CO may have closer races.)

    And the Bush/Kerry election–not to step on anyone’s toes who like those guys–but the list of people who would have made better candidates than them is very long.

  6. In point of fact I’m not a libertarian either.

    I took the Are You A Libertarian test and failed because I picked “maybe” on like 9 out of the 10 questions.

  7. Funny Stuff. I hope you will come check out my blog. We are currently dissecting the Libertarian Party platform and discussing its pros and cons. We have also had some vigorous debates on gay rights and gay marriage. I would value your thoughts and hope that I see you posting some comments on there. I intend to read more of your blog and add you the my blogroll once I have done so. My site is:

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