Kennebunkport, Newport, and other rockpiles

Last weekend I visited Kennebunkport, Maine; this weekend I visited Newport, Rhode Island.

This is a bit odd to me, but there I was.

New England’s shore is indeed beautiful. Though I must call it “shore” because even the parts that call themselves beaches are generally piles of rock. If you want an actual beach, head for the Outer Banks, the Gulf Shore, or California. Driving around various towns in Maine marked by signs saying “founded 1637” or whenever, I keep thinking to myself – if they had just anchored the ship a few hundred miles south (setting aside for a moment the unfortunate bit about killing off the natives), they would have found much better soil and better winters….


3 thoughts on “Kennebunkport, Newport, and other rockpiles

  1. Hampton, Seabrook have decent beaches, but you are right: the Outer Banks are amazing. Breathtaking. But I actually miss those black rocks of New England.

    One thing we won’t get down here is the foliage. We’ll have a little bit, but not like New Hampshire.

  2. I prefer OBX,but Newport and Kennebunkport are very nice in their own right. Did you go to the White Barn Inn? My wife and I were recently discussing our five favorite New England restaurants and White Barn made both of our lists.

  3. BDK – I have been to a couple of NH beaches but I’m not sure which ones (it was years ago).

    Greg – Originally my wife wanted to stay at the White Barn Inn but it was not in budget :) We did drive by and the menu online is very tempting. We went to On The Marsh and that was very good.

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