No reassembling to see here, folks, just move along

Jonesing to dig around in Wikipedia, wander through economics blogs, dredge up memories of a college astronomy course, cobble together some strange analogies and bogus metaphors.

Instead I fear I’m falling into a rut of chess and food posts.

Problem is that work is consuming pretty much my entire brain at this moment. Anybody relate?


6 thoughts on “No reassembling to see here, folks, just move along

  1. Sure I relate. Here I sit in Montgomery AL (Gunter Annex, Maxwell AFB) at 10:19 pm CT, after having left my house at 4:00 am ET (do the math), thinking “crap it’s been a long day”…

    But then I think about a few correspondence games where I’m kicking butt, and was excited to see a new blog entry of yours. “Oh Boy!” I thought. Until I read it. Then I said “that’s not fair, Derek’s supposed to be helping me, not crying out for help!”. But there you were… just laying there helpless, not sure where to turn…

    So, not wanting to pass you by without lending you a hand, here is a link to ponder in economics:
    Ludwig von Mises Institute

  2. Always happy to disappoint :)

    Thanks for the link.

    Part of my busyness has involved a full training/discussion day meeting in Boston with colleagues from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands etc. As always, the talk is all-web-all-the-time. That’s the tune in media these days. But to synthesize it into an intelligent blog post seems beyond me at the moment.

  3. to blog at the level that i wish takes a lot of juice. if not that, then we CAN be reduced to seeking attention, then this leads willy nilly, to the inevitable question, for what? more attention is a game that has diminishing returns, in time, for we must write comments about comments, so as not to disrespect these carefully cultivated eye balls, kind of like ‘branding’.

    then we decide that attention is not bad, just a matter of getting the right attention.

    then we enjoy the RIGHT attention, having already gotten a lot of that, and move onto an upgrade.

    the last thing is not only attention or friends, but special new friends, those odd characters who come out of nowhere, to greet us and tell us they too understand, and add one more angle to a concern, construct, or combination of ideas…

    your short post idea is not bad, for it cultivates the notion that WE can come here and if not always, usually, find more new. not all new need be Spengler, Levi-Straus, or Derida, but can be–well–carboard and leftovers. done propertly, this can be post modern word art.

    warmest, dk
    ps ive not forgotten ‘the (xls) model’ but have a step or two for you first, i feel…

    warmest, dk
    (i remain at blogger, and this was all a test)

  4. Can relate, except it’s not been work in particular…but that story will only get told if I ever generate the unlaziness to do so.

    Just read your sword swallowing post, which is the perfect lead-in to lunch. You haven’t been as useless as you’ve felt (blog-wise).

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