I ordered tofu on purpose

To understand the magnitude, you must know that my favorite meal in Chapel Hill was Hector’s Double Cheeseburger on Pita.

Hector’s was a gyro/burger joint with a sanitation rating of C that later, surprise surprise, caught fire and burned down.

Nothing says “meat” like a good grease fire.

It’s a very long way from Hector’s to the Fresh City stir fry with kung pao tofu over brown rice, which was my lunch today.

And now I owe the scallops an apology. Did I castigate them for flavorlessness? Dear me, now I know what I didn’t know then.

Anyway, just looking for a clean burning fuel here, non-animal protein, vitamins, fiber.

Ah how age changes us all.


11 thoughts on “I ordered tofu on purpose

  1. Yo, any and all culinary recommendations for the Triangle are appreciated. I need to start a photo gallery of board of health recommendations. The place is like a third grade soccer team, everyone gets an A and a trophy

  2. Hey DC – gawsh, it’s been so long since I was there, and I was on the college student diet. I thought Golden Corral was a big deal. There was a point where I couldn’t afford Bojangles. For real.

    Angus Barn still open, south of Chapel Hill I think?

    Blue Devil Knight – got any suggestions here?

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the following characteristics of the sanitation scale?

    1. The B rating is not very clean, and most people wouldn’t want to eat there.
    2. It takes a special restaurant to earn anything lower than a B.

    I would recommend spicy stinky tofu, if you can find it. Be forewarned that this dish actually consists of slightly rotten tofu. The more slightly rotten, the stinkier. The stinkier, the tastier.

  4. i love tofu. i like the texture, i like the play-do-y flavor (seriously, i do, not being sarcastic on this). try this: shake and bake tofu. use extra crispy shake and bake for pork chops. coat the tofu with mustard, cover and bake. mmmmmm, good!

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