What if Google had to design for Google?

Great question, for those in publishing whose fortunes rise and fall with their search engine rankings.

And here’s the answer. Pretty funny.

Hat tip: cio.com editorial director Chris Lindquist.


One thought on “What if Google had to design for Google?

  1. My Wild Card Essay Four, shows Peter Norvig’s (director of Research at Google) reply to my note to him. He was the subject of that essay and is linked here:Prolegema to Any Future Chess Blogger Community, or Kant Help it . Hope you get to read this post, if you han’t done so already!

    BTW, GOOG was up today, and much as I think it is TERRABLY OVERVALUED despite its indominable hegonomy, it is the single best proxy for the market, and when this used to be GE, and as bad as todays drop was (very, very good for me, as I am massively, leveraged short [that is to say, I sold the market higher or bought the right to sell it, long story]), seems to ameliorate the depth of todays decline, and presages the possibility of renewed buying next week, but I’d not bet on it.

    like I said, only the possibility. Direction is down.

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