Warning stickers

Jakob Neilsen has a famous quote: “In the United States, you can’t buy a lawnmower without a label saying that you’re not supposed to mow your feet.” (I believe this came to my attention via Liquid Egg Product.)

I am very fond of the Big Duh note that is or used to be on the Pop Tarts package: “Warning! Contents may be hot when heated!”

Last week I was treated to a new decal – you have to catch somebody doing maintenance on the elevator system to see this one:


Gain control of elevator before

stepping on top of car

That DOES seem like a good idea.  Even if, like me, you’re not sure exactly what it means.


6 thoughts on “Warning stickers

  1. thankfully there is that note on preperation h that says it’s not supposed to be taken internally….

  2. Check out the instructions for a Canine Invisible Fence. First warning: “Not for use on children.”

    Someone tried to save on babysitting expenses.

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