A good tagline

My wife asked me about corporate logos I like. Which lead me to realize that I don’t pay much attention to logos. I pay more attention to taglines, inveterate word guy that I am.

As mentioned, I am bored by “More bars in more places” and liked “Raising the bar”. [Moment of silence for Cingular.]

But I LOVE “7 whole grains on a mission“. And no, I don’t eat Kashi. I just think that is a compact phrase that not only gives you a sense of what they do but also of a personality and purpose. It’s brash but not obnoxious. Not bad for six words.


7 thoughts on “A good tagline

  1. The Cingular splatted-man had more personality, too.

    Not with you on the Kashi, though. It could be for some kids’ show where the main characters are bags of wheat in the army. (Don’t look at me. It’s probably been done already in some Japanese anime.)

    It is better than the tagline for the horror movie Curse of the 49er: “You axed for it.”

  2. my favorite tagline, although not for corporate, was for PSYOP (psychological operations, the guys who drop leaflets and do loudspeakers stuff etc during war and other fun events)…

    PSYOP – because physical wounds heal

  3. Some good ones there. (harvey, not yours. :)

    I sorta like “you axed for it” in particular. Movie taglines don’t count though. My favorite in that category remains the Farley/Spade bit Tommy Boy: “If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.”

  4. p.s. LEP, thanks for mentioning the current Reassembler tagline in the other thread. Sometimes I wonder if anybody’s paying attention, or if I’m just amusing myself :)

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