The third little piggy

This one I haven’t made yet. In fact I’ve never tasted it. But you can tell by reading and looking that this Carne Adovada is a knockout. It’s a New Mexican dish of pork loin marinated in a chilis, oregano and garlic paste. Bake long time at low temp. Shred. Feast.

So you throw a big party and you serve the Three Little Piggies as hot horse dovers [sic].

  • First one is a bit of this Asian-inspired ground pork served in an individual leaf of Belgian endive (or other lettuce cup).
  • Second one is this Cuban Sloppy Joe served on a toast point or (better) a piece of pressed bread.
  • Third one is the Carne Adovada served as suggested on a miniature warm tortilla with avodaco and melted cheddar.

Yes, it’s a lot of pork. That’s the point. We’re talking tiny portions and three VERY different flavors. Make a vegetable platter, a fruit plate, a cheese tray for balance if you must.


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  1. nope. just me. none of you know me. i’m just a random blog lurker. i came here because i had no one to talk about top chef with.

  2. No one will ever be as popular to ME as Harold….I still have a crush on him. I MUST get to NYC someday…..

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