Two days of search terms

Specific phrases bringing search engine traffic to this blog. Wonder how eclectic this could ultimately become. 

PhD funny
john henry chef
krasenkow nakamura
make your own wine without yeast
the wallace line
Marvel Comics
open-handed boxing
weber calvinism capitalism

sluggish cognitive tempo 
nakamura Qxf2 game 
“soen sa nim”
snow crab pictures
beavis usate chess
top chef season three dropped out
Slow Cognitive Tempo
yearbook mullets

I’m particularly proud of getting “CERN” and “yearbook mullets” on the same day.


7 thoughts on “Two days of search terms

  1. Oooh, I love this stuff. It seems already fairly eclectic as-is (although expected, considering this is the Reassembler after all).

    So what was with “soen sa nim”? Couldn’t find that at all. Of course, some of the best searches are the ones that have nothing to do with anything on the page.

  2. No idea whatsoever.

    I am disappointed that you aren’t in the first twenty six pages of Google results for “grilled cheese”. On the other hand, Rachel Ray doesn’t show up til page 17 so the competition is evidently pretty fierce.

  3. ill take all the credit of mentioning Dae Soen Sa Nim, the Zen Master I went to Korea with. Widely published author, and by then already quite succesfully published (Rilke, Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, Into the Whirlwind, Sayings of Enlightenment, The Tao te Ching, The Koran, etc) Stephen Mitchel was on that trip, and i told him of my ACID Trip in a hot, crowded minibus after two days of not bathing, horror. he was a sweet, gentle man, and was comming back to Korea to join us, and see the “Mountain of Enlightenment” or Won Kak Sa which we climbed up, all the thousand stone steps, huffing and puffing… now they can really find more of you on the web with these references. :)

    wasnt this about cooking, chess, words, and security? ‘How did i get here’, ‘how do you work this thing’, ‘A Refrigerator’, The Talking Heads. Its all you man.

  4. Aha, DK is the culprit :) Every time I look at your blog, David, I’m reminded that mine is actually not very eclectic at all!

    Love the “how do I work this?” reference :)

  5. i wrote a singles add, in 1990, that i spent a month on, carefully laboring each expensive sylabale, and, believe it or not, it was so tight, so filled with ‘Frission’ that all i did was get replies from amazing women, microsoft managers for the dell account, IT managers, runway models, prima balarinas….

    there were a few key phrases that i remember so well:

    “Architect and Polyhistor in businessmans guise, familiar with Belles Letres seeks thin, unpretendingly eligant woman possessed of curiosity…”

    i wound up meeting the love of my life, an inteligent, hot woman with those paul neumanesque eyes that rage electric piercing blue. i could do in a deli, to get a tid bit, and shed say, “that man just asked me out”, happened ALL the time. one tiny detail: “she was the third of three true compulsive liars i have known in my life. after it ended, it only took me five years to forget her and release her. the big clue was when i saw how she’d outright lie to her almost dead father who just sent her 7k for a new VW Jetta… telling him she needed it for college (or told ME she told him that), but in fact for cosmotology school. but love is blind, and i truly loved her. we talked endlessly, and had chemestry for sure. she was half German and half French, so hot… :) and so deadly. :-

    be careful what you ask for… dk

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