A nice drive

David Churbuck has posted a nice pic of a Unimog, a sort of stunted hummer that reminds me of Franco Columbu (Arnold’s mini-me in Pumping Iron).

Churbuck also links to information about the Trans-Taiga Highway, a desolate utility road off the James Bay Road way way way way up in Northern Quebec. Map here; pix here. The only towns along the Trans-Taiga, apparently, are private settlements for Hydro Quebec workers.

Fun stuff! Toss your snowshoes and bug spray (and lots of spare tires) in the Unimog and let’s go!


5 thoughts on “A nice drive

  1. Spinners yes, but lower it? I think they should jack it up even more and then drive it directly over every Ford Expedition they encounter. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you think you had a big car, little boy?”

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