Signed copies of my chess autobiography

Another Savage Beating at the Hands of the Ukrainians will be available at Barnes & Noble later this century.


11 thoughts on “Signed copies of my chess autobiography

  1. And mine, “How to Drop Pieces Before Move Twenty” will be hitting the book shelves in early 2008. I’ll be demonstrating my technique weekly at the MetroWest Chess Club until then if anyone is interested.


  2. Derek — Aw, c’mon. I certainly wouldn’t call that “savage”. ;)

    Matt — I think I’ve already read that one — and implemented its lessons far too many times in my own games.

  3. Makes sense. And “savage beating” is certainly much catchier than “abrupt shock following dynamic equality”. ;)

  4. Hey, Derek.

    Last night I quickly went through the game when I came home and got really upset. It turned out that instead of sheepish 14…0-0 I should have played 14…Bb7 and on 15. Bh4 I had 15…f6! sacrificing kingside pawns for strong attack. The worst part is that I saw the idea but decided to opt out for something safe. After the streak of weak moves (17…Nb2, 18…Nxd3, 20…Rae8) white completely equalized. Unfortunately it took only one mistake to cancel out all your efforts.

    I also would like to apologize for my a bit abrupt departure… Hope you didn’t take any offense.


  5. Wow — now this blog has some serious star power!!

    14…Bb7 seemed more logical from this patzer’s perspective, as it looked like Derek got some reasonable kingside chances after 14…O-O. That said, I was looking at crazy follow-ups such as an eventual O-O-O and never considered 15..f6.

    Looks like I got the worst of both worlds — didn’t pay enough attention to your game to figure out what was going on and didn’t pay enough attention to mine to avoid serious — and ultimately fatal — time pressure.

  6. Hey Denys – not offended at all – I enjoyed talking about the game. Several of us including Ilya K & David Harris ran through it later and it seemed exactly as you said, that although White’s Qh3 and Bd3 look menacing, there’s not really much going on in the way of an attack. Your suggestion of pushing f5 made more sense, since we probably wind up with equally messed-up pawn structures.

    You obviously had the better of the opening – I’ll have to go learn about the Na4 stuff (which everyone in the room except me seemed to know about :)

    Greg – your game with Foygel was very interesting, you should have seen it :)

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