Obscure movie lines stuck in your head

Dune, the weirdo David Lynch version (which I liked). Famous short person Linda Hunt materializes out of the menacing shadows and introduces herself in the hushed language of the ancients: “I am the Shadout Mapes … the house-keeper.” (People – it was supposed to be FUNNY.)

Men in Black, outside Tony Shaloub’s alien gunshop. Will Smith: “Alright, I’m gonna slot up in here and put my thing down, and then I want some answers.”  A phrase that pops into my head when I’m about to do any random thing. I’m gonna slot up in here and put my thing down.

Got any similarly obscure favorites? (No quoting Arnold or Casablanca unless it’s something really overlooked, like Commando‘s “You shouldn’t drink and bake.”)


20 thoughts on “Obscure movie lines stuck in your head

  1. Well, since you mentioned Commando, you reminded me of a less obscure (but memorable) line from that movie: “Don’t disturb my friend. He’s dead tired.”


    Road Trip — “I can teach Japanese to a monkey in 46 hours.”

    Pulp Fiction — “Check out the big brain on Brett!”

    Billy Madison — “Stop looking at me, swan.”

  2. Since that pesky anonymous poster stole all my lines ;), let me mention as an aside that I cannot think of a more implausible movie villain than Arnold’s archenemy in Commando. One the one hand, you have Arnold in his butt-kicking prime. On the other, you have a flabby, middle-aged guy with a 70’s porn mustache and a S&M outfit. And we’re supposed to believe that they are evenly matched? I just don’t get it.

  3. Ha ha. I confess I remember nothing else about Commando except that it was terrible.

    Billy Madison, wow. Top o’ the line stuff there :) My handy Sandler quote is from The Wedding Singer: “Once again, information would have been more useful YESTERDAY!”

  4. Ha! I have only the most highbrow taste in movies. ;) Reminds me of when my brother and I were watching Mark Harmon and Courtney Thorne-Smith in Summer School years ago and my dad (who has seen maybe 3 or 4 color movies in his entire life) walked in, frowned, and asked “what movie is THIS???”

    The response: “Summer School. You know, dad, Summer School. Casablanca…El Cid…Citizen Kane…Summer School. Don’t act like you haven’t seen it.”

  5. X-Files: Moulder and Scully are sitting in a car. Their both chocked since they can’t seem to remember what has happened the last couple of hours. It is as if those two hours had vanished. Then the scientifically minded Scully exclaims: “But that’s impossible! Time is a universal constant!”

  6. Chris – Science! Good stuff.

    Though it also reminds me of a thousand other scenes where screenwriters toss in some lingo to try to look legit. (Ex: Beginning of Harrison Ford’s silly flick Firewall. “We’ll just write a new signature for the Intrusion Prevention System to null-route their traffic and head off their denial-of-service attacks!” “Wow, yeah, that would work, Boss! You da man!” Or whatever. Sigh.)

    Greg – Nice one. I liked Summer School. Never saw El Cid. :)

  7. Any line from Fight Club is worth remembering.

    But the last line is the best:

    “I’m sorry…you met me at a very strange time in my life.”

  8. The movie itself (Lord of the Wu Tang) may itself be too obscure for many people to have seen it, although a Jet Li fanatic would know it.

    Shing Kwun: “No matter it’s right and wrong. It’s not your turn to criticize me.”

  9. Tim – I gotta see that still. Unfortunately I already know the twist.

    LEP – hm, that’s fish in a barrel, badly captioned/dubbed kung fu movies… In fact I’ve missed the whole Jet Li thing. Can you believe it?

  10. Yeah, I was actually kinda hestitant to use it. But it has been stuck in my head the last few days, and am using it any opportunity it makes sense to do so. :)

    Re: missing Jet Li. That’s what DVD’s are for! Watching Jet Li movies was more a function of my friends. When someone/something gets really popular, I tend to shy away from it a bit.

  11. Every time I bump into anything I say, “Have that removed.” It’s from “Stripes”, when the stupid Lieutenant played by John Laroquette walks into a trashcan and says that to his aide.

    Occasionally, when I say that, someone will pause, and then say “Sripes” very matter-of-factly. Then I know I have found a kindred spirit.

    Some of my other favorites:

    “That’s a big chicken.” – Woody Allen in “Sleeper”
    “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” – Roy Scheider in “Jaws”
    “Lighten up… Francis.” – Again, from “Stripes”


  12. How could I forgot this one from “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”? But gotta set up the scene first…

    A bunch of the evil, anthropomorphic tomatoes are having a meeting around a campfire and eating. A human, disguised as a tomato, has infiltrated the camp and is chowing down with the tomatoes. He realizes his meal is missing something, so asks:

    “Could you please pass the ketchup?”

  13. Had opportunity to actually quote this one over the weekend. From Pride & Prejudice: “I never learned the pianoforte but if I had I should have been a great proficient!”

  14. funnist line from a porno,stuk in my head from years ago because it is so stupid. It is from the movie “summer school”
    :”Not in my ass, I’m only Fifteen”

  15. Does anyone remember a movie that came out late eighties or early nineties that has a character mentioning a dream he has had in which Ed Begley Jr. is driving around in an electric car. need the name of the movie if you can help, please.

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