Blog milestones

Nearly 300 posts reassembled!

14k page views

7k spam comments

1k actual comments of which I assume something like a quarter are my own

What’s it all mean? Nothing. Numbers are just kinda interesting. In particular I watch the completely meaningless ratio of page views to spam comments.


12 thoughts on “Blog milestones

  1. Thank heavens for Akismet. Probably a dozen or two have slipped through.

    Best clip from Top Chef, Season One: Harold’s expression during the convenience store quickfire as he confesses helplessly, “Yeah. I bought Spam.”

  2. Don’t worry, I’m about to reduce your mystique a little more. Not only are you female, you are an English-speaking female. Based on multiple estimates, there are about 1 billion English-speakers in the world. So that narrows it down: there are only about .5 billion people you could possibly be. Feeling uncomfortable yet?

  3. Afraid you’re up against a top-notch deductive reasoner here.

    Next I suspect he’ll realize that you’re an English-speaking female WITH COMPUTER ACCESS. Give him a few days :)

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