Max Creek and Guitar Hero

Saw Max Creek at the Stone Church (a converted restaurant/bar/music hall) in Newmarket, NH. Max Creek is a longstanding jam band with sympathies to the Grateful Dead, Phish, Barenaked Ladies. Great musicians, trippy crowd, lots of tie-dye. Two particularly enthusiastic dancers in the audience amused us with their contrasting styles: A short thin guy who had a sort of Irish-stepdancing-meets-amphetamines aesthetic going on, nearby a humongous dude with long curly black locks doing what you’d best call the Shambling Mound, arms straight down by his sides and wobbling ponderously side-t0-side. Somehow it all struck me as “size-appropriate dancing.”

Next day I got my first look at Guitar Hero. (Yes, I know, where’ve I been.) Wow. It’s loaded with 80s and 90s tunes so it’s right up my alley. The controller and interface are what really interested me, fun factor aside. One of my minor fears is that computers are going to start using Nintendo-style multi-button controllers and my brain won’t be trained to keep up. Guitar Hero has its own input device (take a wild guess) that’s quite easy to learn, though watching my niece and nephew shred away quickly reminded me there’s a difference between competence and mastery.

I’ve mentioned before the quest to light up my brain in new ways. Great weekend for setting aside the dictionary and wikipedia, and cranking up the tunes and games instead.


10 thoughts on “Max Creek and Guitar Hero

  1. The Rat in Kenmore Square is featured in one of the Guitar Hero games. This references an earlier Reassembler post/comment.

    It all comes around…


  2. My friend Bob Lord and his band, Dreadnaught, used to play quite often at the Stone Church. I think you’ll like Dreadnaught, Derek. Bob used to bill them as a cross between — get this — THE WHO and YES!!! How could you not love a band like that. I don’t think Dreadnaught are doing so much “prog rock” anymore, but I recommend checking them out.

  3. I just found your blog and thought it was interesting to say the least–you seemed to have described my husband and his friend right down to the tee as we were there the night you describe. We’re Creek fans too! We no longer live in NH; now we are in western mass. We’ll see Max Creek on Halloween in Northampton.

  4. Hi Andrea – I hope they’re flattered by the description :) I don’t follow Max Creek per se but I really enjoyed that show. (Tho my wife tells me I looked like I was having teeth pulled. Must have been tired.)

    The Stone Church has changed hands I believe. Incredibly, a couple of months ago I missed a chance to see Spinal Tap there.

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