Era Vulgaris

Downloaded Queens of the Stone Age’s album Era Vulgaris.

skeksis.jpg I know it’s a common cheap trick to describe one artist as a combination of other, more familiar artists. So here’s my try:

It’s as if the Dark Crystal’s gregorian Mystics and hissing, sibilant Skeksis were united under the direction Living Color’s Vernon Reid. And they rocked out hard. (How’s that?)

We’ll see how it stands up over time but this could be my favorite album since OK Computer.

Incidentally the lead guy for QotSA, Josh Homme, is very quirky-funny, describing the album as “dark, hard and electrical, sort of like a construction worker” and apparently circulating a pre-release rumor that the album’s contibuting performers would include Erma Bombeck. There’s also a tiny clip in the song Designer which is pretty clearly sampled from Falco’s Der Kommisar.


7 thoughts on “Era Vulgaris

  1. I liked “Era Vulgaris” too, I think it’s the Queens’ best since “Rated R”. Best album since “OK Computer”? That’s quite the stretch. How about Tool’s “10,000 Days”, that’s a pretty amazing offering. I’ll be seeing Tool live the end of this month–I’ve been to a number of concerts but I’m actually trembling in anticipation of this one…

  2. Hi Cliff – so “best since OK Computer” is a stretch but “Dark Crystal plus Vernon Reid” isn’t?! :)

    I don’t listen to enough albums to say “best” actually, hence “my favorite” instead. I haven’t heard a ton of Tool but will poke around. Thanks

  3. vernon reid and living color were awesome! i’m sorry, but i think the only thing radiohead did well was pablo honey, and really, only creep, and maybe one other song. queens of the stone age are good, real good. kinda bit like velvet revolver to me….

  4. Chessloser – was the other song You, or Ripcord? (Anyone Can Play Guitar was a hit in the UK, I think, but it’s lame.)

    Samurai – you might be projecting :) but I’ll go with it.

  5. Era Vulgaris has been in constant play rotation on the Churbuckian iPod since July.

    Best since Songs for the Deaf, methinks.

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