Recharging your batteries

Vacations are nice. Probably a luxury of the affluent modern world; I don’t suppose hunter/gatherers and subsistence farmers typically get to say “I’m taking next week off!” Nevertheless they do provide an excellent chance to re-energize yourself mentally and physically.

Legend has it that Salvador Dali took incredibly short recharger naps: He sat upright in a chair with a spoon in one hand and a tin cup on the floor below. At precisely the moment when he fell fully asleep, he’d drop the spoon, which would clang off the tin cup and awaken him. He claimed that some of his best inspiration came from the dreams of these drowsing moments.

A blogging break, however long or short, is likewise good. Blogging may be a conversation, yes, but there’s still a certain quality of monologue inherent in regular posts (unless they’re all of the “Hey, look at Liquid Egg Product’s great post about dumpsters” variety). Sometimes it’s good to reverse the current, shut the pie hole and focus on listening and thinking for a bit. 

Hope your holiday, for those of you in the US anyway, was refreshing. Reassembler will now resume its regular schedule of mixed metaphors, flawed comparisons and whatnot.


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