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Ah, Spaghetti-Os and Corona Light. The late-night snack of champions.

Apparently, YES, I do have to buy a book about the …e6 Sicilian lines. Tonight I faced it for the third time in six weeks, and lost a piece on move 12. I did manage a draw due to mutual time-pressure sloppiness, but this is no way to play chess.

9 thoughts on “Addendum to previous post

  1. Nah. Draw. I could have used your Shereshevky-esque endgame talents. My technique leaves a lot to be desired. :)

  2. Ah, Spaghetti-Os and Corona Light. The late-night snack of champions.

    LOL. Campbell’s should be knocking on your door for some sort of TV endorsement anytime now. Or at least join their marketing department.

  3. Greg – My endgame talents. Har, I get it.

    I confess my burning desire to see that variation of the French stomped into the ground.

    Egg – I had soy nuggets for dinner so I owed myself some crappy post-game food. (Is “crappy” a good marketing word for the under-30 set?)

  4. Well, I’m *reading* Shereshevsky. Spent a couple of hours in it this week. Maybe that’s why I’m dropping pieces in the opening – ’cause I’ve turned into an endgame specialist :)

    Thanks for those games, brightens my day. Here’s the thing tho – this French line is like what NFL teams call their “max protect” formations. Two tight ends, a back who stays in to pick up the blitz. They aren’t trying to score, they’re just trying to not get sacked. (Which is why I hate it.) And then suddenly Black plays this …Qd5 move, like, Oh, now I think I’ll suddenly change styles completely and go pawn hunting. That earns a Big DUH award.

  5. Those e6 lines are tricky. I do recommend an immediate Nc3 before playing d4 in these lines as Black must commit and white avoids the pin variation. I have the book Experts vs. the Sicilian by Aagaard and it has a pretty good explanation of these lines.

    That French Rubinstein is very slow, I hate that shit.

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