Neurobic of the day: Brush your teeth left-handed

I tried it. My right brain is very, very bad at tooth-brushing.

Interestingly, my right hand apparently really wanted to help. Mid-brushing I noticed that it was clenched into a fist and was raised about halfway to my head. Scary.

(The point, in case you haven’t memorized everything I’ve posted this year, is that doing new stuff – or old stuff in new ways – is alleged to forge new synaptic connections, making you smarter.)


9 thoughts on “Neurobic of the day: Brush your teeth left-handed

  1. due to my being left handed and nevertheless having learned to do many things now also right handed to avoid overuse of hands, i find that nothing can replace the main hand in love making, especially in foreplay.

  2. i heard about this years ago, and tried it. i can’t tell if it helped, but it felt like i was drunk, so that was cool….

  3. Some things just require the improved dexterity and subtle control that only the main hand can provide.

    Toothbrushing, we can get away with the oafy offhand. Stimulating certain spots, as David says, is quite another matter. (I love the uncomfortability this has generated :D )

  4. I haven’t tried it either…i prefer using small electrical handheld devices for all the activities described above.

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