Top five Rankin-Bass characters

Feel free to disagree (if you enjoy being wrong).

Heat Miser5. Heat Miser. The song, the hair.

4. Sir 1023. Odds bodkins. O.M. the caveman is an honorable mention. Yes? No? Yes!

3. Yukon Cornelius.

2. Kubla & Dummy.  “Dummy, who do you like best? Me, or Jack Frost?”  “You, Kubla. He has cold fingers.”

Abominable Snowman1. Bumble/Abominable Snowman. Alternately terrifying and cuddly. Great range for a sock puppet.

Strangely there is no mention in Wikipedia of Romeo Muller, the guy who wrote these screenplays, many of which are quite clever. Neither does the Jack Frost writeup mention the bad guy. I gotta fix that. Yeesh, these lazy social media types.


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  1. The character you refer to as “Abominable Snowman” I thought went by the name “Janet Reno.” Maybe I am just confused :)

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