Somewhere I saw carrots dismissed as a pedestrian side dish, not useful when company’s coming.

Are you kidding me?

Carrots are the best thing on the plate. One of nature’s true wonders. Extraordinary color and texture.

The problem most likely is that if you cut them into disks and boil them to limpid softness, what you get looks like it came out of a can.

So don’t do that.

Heirloom carrotsUse heirloom carrots. Red carrots, yellows, whites. Thumbelinas. Or just small organic carrots (instead of the gigantic ones in the “bulk” basket).

Remove most of the greens but don’t actually cut the top off.

Steam them. Or grill them. Cut’em in half lengthwise and saute them in olive oil.

DON’T turn them into mush; cook them al dente, if you will.

Serve them with homemade sweet & sour sauce (vinegar, sugar, fresh mint, a little garlic) or carrot jus or House of Tsang’s Spicy Szechuan Stir-Fry sauce right outta the bottle.


9 thoughts on “Carrots

  1. There was an Iron Chef episode where the main ingredient was carrots, and it’s amazing what they came up with.

    Most foods can be used in most situations as long as there’s enough creativity and knowledge from the part of the cook.

  2. Except mushrooms, obviously :)

    Iron Chef is the show that got me into cooking. The funniest episode ever had one of them visiting the US, I think, and creating some bizarre masterpiece out of the leftovers in some random family’s fridge.

  3. Implying you don’t like mushrooms, either? That’s one of my favorite two vegetables! We do not share the same tastes, that’s for sure.

    After writing the comment, I was wondering how to make a good dessert using a meat as the primary ingredient.

  4. Mushrooms are just plain foul. Occasionally though, I have seen them integrated into a meal that sufficiently masks their odious texture (such as in Charlie Trotter’s fall tasting menu). The same cannot be said for black olives, however. Those nasty buggers can overwhelm the taste of any dish, however expertly prepared. Same goes for cilantro.

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