Editing Wikipedia

After knocking Wikipedia for not mentioning Romeo Muller in the Rankin/Bass article, I said I’d have to rectify that oversight. So I did. And found that editing Wikipedia is quite addicting. The editing tool is very simple – for example, the footnotes number themselves automatically and adjust if you insert a new one mid-stream. And if you’re puzzled about how to do something, you just find another article with that feature and imitate the code.

I did stuff on Rankin/Bass, some security topics, The Last Place on Earth and the writeup of my cousin Rob Slater, an accomplished mountain climber who died in a storm on the way down from the summit of K2.


2 thoughts on “Editing Wikipedia

  1. Make sure you strive to surpass Wikipedia average of being 80% accurate.

    Did not know about your cousin. K2–that’s the second highest mountain in the world, and very treacherous (have heard more so than Everest) He must have been very skilled indeed.

  2. The Wikipedia entry about Wikipedia has a photo embedded w/ the Onion article “Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years of American Independence”. So somebody’s got a sense of humor.

    My cousin was climbing at the time with Alison Hargreaves, described by some as the world’s top female climber. Because of that, there’s a little more public information about the circumstances of the storm. Otherwise I don’t know whether we’d know much.

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