Good cheap wine update

Apparently retailers are dumping Hess Select like it’s Enron stock. $9.99/bottle in several different local stores. It’s a very pleasant wine, and I’m not even a Chardonnay buff.

Original post here citing Red Truck, Chateau St Michelle and Villa Maria; Christopher Murray and others pitched in recommendations including Penfolds, Bogle, Estancia, Greg Norman, Stump Jump and so forth.


2 thoughts on “Good cheap wine update

  1. Hess 2006 Chardonnay – Monterey is undrinkable. The nose will fool you into thinking you are about enjoy a light fruity Chard and then you are hit with a horrible finish and aftertaste. There is no price that justifies purchasing this wine. I opened a second bottle from a case to double check and the same result down the drain the wine went. I would proceed with extreme caution if you are considering a purchase.

  2. Hi – I’ll have to look at the Hess vintage that’s available locally. Wonder what happened. Currently I am busy seeking 2006 Willamette Valley pinot noirs. Allegedly that region had “perfect” weather in that season. And indeed, it’s hard to find anything in the local stores – somebody’s holding out on us!

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