Neurobic of the day: Eat blind

i.e. Close your eyes while you eat. Identify foods only by touch, smell and taste.


4 thoughts on “Neurobic of the day: Eat blind

  1. Reminds me of the scene in “Young Frankenstein”:

    Inga: You haven’t even touched your food.
    [Frederick explodes and slaps on his food]
    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: There. Now I’ve touched it. Happy?


  2. Would this actually affect how much people enjoy their food?

    I remember for the first time being introduced to spaghetti where the grated cheese was placed directly on the noodles, then smothered by the sauce. (Typically, I’d seen the cheese on top of the sauce.) This alternate method tends to completely melt the cheese, with a wonderful texture.

    Some of us loved it. Others didn’t like that they couldn’t see the cheese.

  3. ok, i’ll try it. but i know i’m gonna end up poking my face with the fork, getting food up my nose, and having a generally difficult time.

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