Stuck in front of kids’ movies

Kids like to watch the same stuff again and again. Which means that periodically over the years you find yourself forced to repeatedly endure their favorites. 

Worth repeated viewing:

– The Incredibles. All Pixar is good, but this one is crazy good.

– Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Emperor’s New Groove. All vastly underappreciated.

– Hoodwinked. Critics who worship at the altar of Shrek dismissed Hoodwinked for its lousy animation. Who cares? It’s very clever.

– Iron Giant. Yes, it’s the same guy who made The Incredibles. Just not under the Pixar banner.

Offensively bad:

– Any Disney classic suffixed by II or III. Pretty much despise Disney’s direct-to-video phase.

– The recent Underdog. And The Last Mimzy. And The Wild. And Happily N’Ever After – probably the worst of them all. Like a drill to the head.



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