Inarticulate me

Sometimes I wander onto something that I simply can’t describe, and I’m left to simply say:

Go. Look. 

Then I hope you’ll come back and make an intelligent comment.

Because surely these pictures are worth a thousand words, but me, I’m stumped.


6 thoughts on “Inarticulate me

  1. they look like they are trying to be “harajuku girls.” harajuku is the train stop in japan where, every sunday, the kids dress up and hang out and people take pictures of them. usually goth, lolita goth, and other stuff. thing is, the japanese can pull it off, they look good wearing that. a japanese guy can wear almost ANYTHING and look good doing it. us white folks can’t always pull it off, we end up looking stupid.

    that is my comment. not intelligent, but that is how i see it.

  2. oh, and that is one of the things i miss about living in japan….the other is ramen….mmmmmm, real actual ramen….

  3. Agree with chessloser, whiteys cannot carry this stuff as well as Japanese.

    @chessloser: It’s too bad about the lack of decent ramen in your area. In a metropolis with a large Asian community, you’ll get close, but somehow it feels a little different.

  4. Chessloser – your comments are always intelligent. Even the ones full of F bombs or talking about your many alleged deficiencies. You’re clearly a sharp dude.

    Anyway, surely fashion is the most bizarre aspect of human culture. Clearly it matters to a lot of people, and that’s cool. I prefer to not spend much time thinking about what I’m wearing or how my hair looks, tho my wife tries to help me to “look the part” in my particular professional setting. (Not that a mental fixation on chess or basketball isn’t equally frivolous.) If platform shoes and baby clothes make ya happy, fire away.

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