Jack Frost, the aftermath

Kubla became a middle manager at a large insurance company. 

Jack Frost is now a lobbyist working for Al Gore.

Adorable groundhog narrator Pardon-Me-Pete, tragically, was eaten in episode 14 by Survivorman Les Stroud.

4 thoughts on “Jack Frost, the aftermath

  1. speaking of stroud…

    have you seen his new show “off the grid” where he builds a house?

    he talks in that out-of-breath-everything-is-urgent “i’m barely making it out alive, i’m struggling” voice the whole time, as if he is surviving. but he’s just building a damn house. i wonder if he talks like that all the time, like at the supermarket or at the beach….

  2. There’s normal fat/obese, and then there’s those guys. 250, 300, 350 lbs…it’s not that remarkable. But when people start hitting the half-ton mark (Uribe) or become “larger than an intentionally oversized mascot character” (Mangino), it’s difficult to pass without some sort of comment.

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