Top Chef: leftovers

I suppose this is how you know Top Chef has truly become a bankable franchise: the spinoffs. Yesterday I caught the Holiday Special, which recycled several of the same contestants previously seen on the Season One versus Season Two Culinary Smackdown. Or whatever.

Of course they made some nice looking dishes. (And CJ tossed in one that probably tasted good but did indeed look a mess, a tower with a truly random sounding ingredient list. Delicata squash and blueberry crumble! Mmmm!) Fitting that Tiffani won, because she embraced the essence of what we are now watching: Leftovers.


2 thoughts on “Top Chef: leftovers

  1. I THINK that I want to see some of these people again–but then seeing them again leaves me feeling disappointed, like a 2nd date where your realize the first one was only fun because you were more drunk than you remember.

  2. Ha. I guess in a sense these shorter bits are devoid of the semi-artificial editor-created “storylines” that the play up in the series. Now you’re just looking at people cooking food. In that sense, I kinda like it.

    I definitely would eat at Tiffani’s restaurant, or Harold’s, etc in a heartbeat.

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