Dear me. It’s like Lay’s potato chips, editing Wikipedia. In fact it’s rather getting in the way of my blogging.

Wikipedia is an infinitely more robust and (in a sense) unfiltered version of Reassembler or StumbleUpon. You can just hit “Random Article” to your heart’s content and find all sorts of interesting things, while discarding in a millisecond the ones that don’t grab you.

In this manner I wound up reading about Spider Grandmother, a character in Native American mythology, which ultimately lead me to read about and create a page for the US playwright Murray Mednick. And this page was immediately nominated for “speedy deletion”, though I’ve beefed it up since then. I also looked up Saburo Sakai – a Japanese ace fighter pilot in WWII and author of the book Samurai! – and wound up cleaning up some of the writing in a neighboring entry on Tetsuzo Iwamoto.


5 thoughts on “Wikaddiction

  1. Uncyclopedia is the same kind of thing, and it’s almost as accurate.

    Unfortunately, too many of the authors of Uncyclopedia have NO GRASP OF SATIRE OR IRONY WHATSOEVER and completely ruin entries that have a lot of potential.

    @Rob: There’s always something new.

  2. Uncyclopedia – interesting, thanks.

    There always IS something new, but I agree with Rob that the tools for narrowing your inputs get better every day. If that’s what you want.

    Liquid Egg Product (the blog) is part of my healthy daily exposure to the offbeat and unanticipated. :)

  3. That’s an escalation. They started with private legal correspondence.

    I’m fixing it as fast as I can, I tell you.

    The Onion had a great headline along the lines of “Wikipedians Celebrate 143 Years of American Independence”

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