Daikon ravioli

If my wife had been present, she would have gotten very ill watching me eat my sushi.

First they gave me the unidentified appetizer dish, the “he eats here a lot, give him a freebie” mini-dish. Profound surprise follows: It tasted… fishy. I didn’t ask what it was but I ate it. Fishy in moderation is not so bad.

(Aside – have you seen Andrew Zimmern’s trip to the Cathai Fish Sauce factory? Turns out fish sauce is rotted fish.)

Then I ordered one of the month’s specials: daikon ravioli. Let me see if I can remember all the ingredients:

Raw salmon. Edamame (young soy beans). Roe. Pecans. Strawberries. Wrapped in thinly sliced daikon radish and served with a strawberry sauce. Each ravioli adorned with a wierdly thin and tall mushroom. Which I ate without complaint. Sometimes you just have to trust the chef.


6 thoughts on “Daikon ravioli

  1. Hardy har. :)

    There’s no getting around the fact that this dish was kinda weird. Credit to the chef that such a strange combination could be reasonably good. But it wasn’t the home run I hoped for.

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