Critical thinking

I have a liberal arts degree. Specifically, a double major in Linguistics and German.

[Aside: Had enough credits for a minor in History also. But if you had a double major they wouldn’t recognize the minor. I’m sure I’ve brought this up before, and will again. Not that I’m extremely bitter. ]

Went to a pretty good public high school and a pretty good state U, participated in various academic summer programs, won a five-week trip to Germany, played chess at a reasonably high level from middle school on.

All of this, and most particularly the liberal arts degree, was supposed to teach me critical thinking skills.

And yet somehow I was about six years into a professional career before I grasped what critical thinking really amounts to. Caught on after watching my boss/editor Rick Pastore pick up ideas and plans like they were apples, systematically scrutinizing them for wormholes and bruises. Every idea that went into his office came out stronger and more sound. (Or dead, when appropriate.)

No doubt my teachers and professors tried many times to get across the basic concept of critical thinking. I blame-a myself. A little dense.

Still. I probably shoulda studied engineering.


5 thoughts on “Critical thinking

  1. I was saying maybe I would have figured it out sooner in a more structured discipline.

    If there is no such thing yet, I think I’ll invent the BA of Engineering degree. Rigorous thinking without all the mathy stuff. :)

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