Happy new year

May you stick to your resolutions, lose ten pounds, gain a rating class, get a promotion, write a book, have a great idea, win the lottery. And may you and your family draw closer and enjoy your best year yet.


6 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. dear Derek, you will of course, visit my blog to cast your vote or make nominations for Chess Blogger Oscar Awards, and, in so doing,

    see how you are therein also described as ‘ReAssembler, Derek Slatter, for being so smart and constant and catholically broad, including–but well beyond–chess’…. himm, now there is one more word for you to discuss. :)

    best regards, dk

  2. Have you ever considered getting one of those faux-classic or faux-retro “since 20XX” logos made? (Your tagline generated the idea.)

    I never saw the point in those; if it’s not older than you, the whole brandishing-your-classicness thing just kinda falls flat.

  3. Thanks lady and gents.

    DK, I saw that and appreciate it. Thanks for adding your own eclectic experiences into the mix.

    Donnie – Now that it’s 2008 the tagline isn’t funny, so I’ll change it when I get around to it :)

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