Left-handed Guitar Hero

So I tried my semi-tongue-in-cheek neurobic exercise: I played Guitar Hero left-handed last night. I got through the easiest song (Slow Ride) on the easiest setting, but stank up the joint in a systematic, predictable way, making the same errors over and over.

Then I tried playing an unfamiliar song on medium with the volume turned off completely. (But right-handed.) Interesting but takes the fun out of the game.

Not sure I feel any smarter.

6 thoughts on “Left-handed Guitar Hero

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  2. I am left-dominate ambidextrous and I did a right-handed set on Medium. I can’t do GH3 on Easy without dying of boredom. Overall, I did pretty well. I started with “Slow Ride” and I got all the way to “Reptilia” when problems started. I think that I could have done more if I practiced, but I wanted to just do this as a test to determine if I should play a real guitar right-handed (as described at http://coderz4life.wordpress.com/2008/01/16/guitar-woes/).

    One thing for sure: it is fun!

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