Bad Chinese

It’s the curse of the semi-outer-western suburbs.

We like Indian food, Thai, Cambodian, Mexican, Italian. But good Chinese food has a special place of honor, in part because hot and sour soup is my wife’s comfort food.

Alas, we are surrounded by bad Chinese restaurants. Last night we gambled and tried a new one. I was hopeful. What we got was a cold restaurant (albeit one with good hot and sour soup) that made several mistakes on our order, followed by … um … let’s just call it two very upset stomachs.

Although I suppose if a paucity of good Chinese food is worth complaining about, I must have a pretty good life.


3 thoughts on “Bad Chinese

  1. that means you just have to start making good chinese food at home.

    the secret to awesome fried crispy coating (on tofu or chicken or pork)is using corn starch as the coating.

  2. Good tip, thanks.

    We keep the frying to a dull roar, though.

    Here is my amended original Chinese-inspired pork recipe (see posts on Three Little Piggies):

    Sautee garlic in toasted sesame oil. Add carrots, red pepper; cook. Add ground pork but not so much; brown. Add cabbage, bean sprouts, water chestnut, a little hot chili oil, salt & pepper, orange zest. Serve in small portion on a Belgian Endive leaf; top with a mandarin orange segment. (Or a dollop of plum sauce if the endive is too bitter.) Kind of a leafy inside-out egg roll type thing.

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