Let me see if I understand this Wikipedia entry correctly.

Once upon a time (in the 19th century) some scientists were studying the human head. This science was called craniology. Some of the scientists were German. They found a skull in the modern-day region of Georgia (the former Soviet republic), near the Caucasus Mountains, that resembled a German skull.

The German craniologists believed that the German head was “optimized” and that the skull indicated that the first Germans must have come from Georgia and that the Georgians were therefore “the most beautiful race of men” because of their optimized heads and that all the white-skinned Europeans were therefore from a single race they dubbed “Caucasians”: beautiful white dudes with optimized heads who came from the Caucasus.

Not great science.

Wikipedia notes that this old-style concept of a “caucasian” race has been discredited, although the term can correctly be used to apply to people who actually live in that mountain range. Caucasoid is an alternative adjective. If you’re a white American and you think of yourself as caucasian, well, probably you aren’t.


6 thoughts on “Caucasoids

  1. Hard to believe that as recently as 1983 in my enlightened community me and my fellow junior high school students were being taught about the three human races — Caucasian, Negroid and Mongoloid. I can only assume (and hope) that this garbage has long since been eliminated from the curriculum.

  2. Everybody who has spent enough time in used bookstores knows we are all the descendants of people from another planet who performed genetic engineering on advanced apes and mixed the alien DNA with the apes’ and produced the marvel and wonder that is the peak of all that is good–us, that is.

    When the alien masters left for their next assignment some of the people went to an island later known as “Atlantis” and other went to Hawaii and invented surfing. The ones who stayed behind in the Tigris-Euphrates became emaciated slaves to their veggie patches, and the ones who couldn’t get along with anybody went to the frozen margins and became white people.

    So LEP is right, there are four races, but were all Alien children together. Just don’t listen to those nuts who say we’re the product of Lizardoid genetic experiments, that is an entirely unsubstantiated rumor put out by conspiracy nuts.

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