It’s another rabbit hole like cryptography.

The Liquid Egg Product and I have been cooking up an idea related to his/its profession, programming, which has lead me to read various interesting blogs and sites and Wikipedia entries about programming.

So many concepts, so many languages.

I once asked a programmer about the language he knew and whether it’s difficult to learn new ones. His response: Either you’re a programmer or you aren’t. If you are, you get the underlying concepts, and it’s not that confusing to learn how those concepts are executed in one language versus another.

And if you aren’t a programmer, you’ll always find every language bewildering.


4 thoughts on “Programming

  1. Aww c’mon Derek… can’t you read assembeler, and do hexadecimal (or better yet, octal) math in your head, and remember the PDP-11 opcodes from your first job 20+ years ago?

    Too much “Guitar Hero”…



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