Ice fishing trencher Blunderprone recounted his recent ice fishing / chess study adventure. Alas, it was all chess-studying and no fish-catching.

Problem with traditional ice fishing – aside from the obvious drawback that it’s done on ice, outside, in winter – is that you’re dropping a static line and counting on the semi-frozen fish to wander by.Modern ice fishing craft

Here’s a better idea that brings your bait to whereever the fish are, and is more fun than developing a layer of permafrost while you huddle in George’s clearly-not-climate-controlled nylon shack:

Leave the augur at home and drive your Ditch Witch chain trencher out on the ice. Cut a line through the ice from one end of the lake to the other. Then drop your line off the back of an ice sailing craft.

We’re going trolling!


2 thoughts on “Fishcicles

  1. But, then you’d have to wait for the ice to be thick enough to bring your uber-power auger ( aka Ditch Witch) out on the ICE. A riding power auger, where’s Tool-time Tim Allen when you need him? I like the idea.

    Also, the Ice racer is too fast for trolling. This time of year the fish are huddled on bottom trying to stay warm. (hmm… perhaps, smarter than the fisherman?) Trolling that fast brings the bait too close to the surface.

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