Raisins and cranberries

What? What’s that? Raisins?

My goodness, you’re still eating raisins?

Good heavens. Have you never had a dried sweetened cranberry?

A cranberry granola tollhouse cookie is the single greatest simple desert ever created. My wife makes them. I once announced by email that I’d put some in the office kitchen, and a stampede ensued.

Raisins have a few uses. Cuban sloppy joes, yes. Pineapple fried rice with golden raisins, yes. That’s about it. If you have any grapes handy, don’t dry them out – what a waste. Stomp on them and make wine and grappa.


7 thoughts on “Raisins and cranberries

  1. The only problem with craisins is that if you look at the ingredient, depending on the brand, the 1st ingredient is usually some form of sugar. At that point they might as well be chocolate chips.

  2. Matt – oh I’ve previously confessed my love of Hormel canned chili, which is like 95% sodium. I got no actual standards.

    CL – nice. I might do that. Spinach is my own person super-food – I don’t like it, but it’s got all the vitamins etc to address my particular family medical history :)

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