Something beautiful

Two bits of context when it comes to movies.

One, I like to be surprised. Mostly Hollywood chooses to forfeit on that point and make you watch what feels like a ten minute trailer of every movie they create. Sometimes you rent a DVD and they make you watch A PREVIEW OF THE MOVIE YOU’VE RENTED. Doy.

Two, I’m a sap.

Having said that – I was forced at gunpoint to watch the movie Once last night. If you like music, if you like a surprise, and if you’re a sap like me, get the movie. Don’t even read the box. Just enjoy. It’s beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Something beautiful

  1. Fantastic movie, Once. Getting past the thick accents takes a couple minutes (your ears adjust) but it’s a wonderful small film with an excellent soundtrack. Great date movie but certainly no “chick flick.” Take Derek’s advice and see it.

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