Bobby and Britney

Bobby Fischer died yesterday.

I’m sure the chess blogging world will be filled with remembrances. Personally I think it’s all been said 100 times. Brilliant guy who lost his marbles, much like Britney Spears (except the brilliant guy part).


9 thoughts on “Bobby and Britney

  1. Totally mixed emotions. He introduced me to the game that has become a big part of my life, but he could have done so much more.



  2. that I play chess at all is probably because I was 9 when Fischer won the world championship. I don’t remember that he won, but I remember that was when I started going to the library to get chess books, and I taught my dad how to play (however, i could not then beat my dad, which was frustrating).

    For whatever reason, I’m sad that Fischer is dead, sad that he flamed out, sad that his brilliance was overwhelmed by his bizarreness. But I’m glad that he was and that he won.

  3. Sigh. Alright, I’m being overly flippant. I’m going to replace my post with Michael’s eloquent comment. :)

    It’s a sad ending to a sad story. One of my coworkers rightly objected to media characterizations of Fischer’s “idiosyncracies”. They were idiosyncracies in the 70s; by the 00s it was full-blown crazy, and hateful crazy at that.

    I guess it would be just as sad if he hadn’t played so brilliantly, but he did indeed play brilliantly. Whitewashing world champion candidates Larsen and Taimanov – that’s just one ridiculous example of the guy’s talent and drive.

  4. That’s my favorite example of Fischer’s dominance as well. He blew through two super-GM’s like Roger Federer against unranked first-round fodder: 6-0, 6-0. Then he ripped off 4 in a row (IIRC) to close out Petrosian. That’s just ridiculous.

  5. His life had a strong opening, but the middle game had unsound attacks that left him a lone king in the end.

    I’m hoping that analogy is not too insensitive. It’s how I feel about the genius. I think Bobby’s issues underscores a different problem. Aspirger’s Syndrome that went un diagnosed. I truely believe he had all the symptoms.

    It’s a sad day… I remember watching the Spasky matches with my dad on PBS back 1972. I really caught the bug then. It’s become an obsession.


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