SED (search engine discombobulation)

WordPress provides various blog stat views, including a list of the most-read individual posts on your blog over the past 30 days.

For the last many months, the #1 Reassembler post in any given 30-day period has been Mental Rust and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, which has drawn a very consistent level of readership from Google searches. SCT is an important topic and I wish Web searchers had many better options for information than my lame post, but that is in fact the subject of the post.

Lamer still are the new champions of Reassembler, outdrawing the MR/SCT post:

  • Left-handed Guitar Hero, which by unfortunate accident turns up when folks go looking to BUY a left-handed controller to play the game, which of course the post doesn’t address; and, worse,
  • The mullet toss, whose readers with bizarre frequency come here off the search phrase “McGyver mullet”. The post itself has nothing to do with that. (A big thank you to Matt for putting the McGyver image link in the comments field.)

So thanks to Reassembler’s excellent SED, most of the people who come here don’t find what they’re actually looking for.

5 thoughts on “SED (search engine discombobulation)

  1. Doesn’t it make you feel a tinge guilty?

    One of my old posts bragged that I beat the game Trogdor, while most people hitting the page are interested HOW to beat it, not my ego trip. A Trogdor strategy post will be up one of these days.

    So you might consider looking for a left-hand Guitar Hero controller, posting the link, and then the Internets will be singing the praises of Reassembler forevermore. (Not that they shouldn’t anyway, but every bit helps.)

  2. Donnie – you have a fine mind for service journalism.

    Rob – ask Donnie.

    Matt – got any Globular driver’s license pix from your teens that you’d care to share?

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