40% smarter

40% is some kind of magic number in the food world. A ton of your standard off-the-shelf spirits check in at 80 proof, i.e. 40% alchohol content. Kinda likewise, a lot of canned foods seem to provide you with roughly 40% of the USRDA of sodium.

Hormel Chili No Beans, the food substance I hate to love, is one example. Campbell’s Chunky Soups are another. Except for one important note: that’s 40% of your daily sodium intake PER SERVING, and the cans I was looking at allegedly contain “about two” servings. So if like a normal human you eat the whole can of soup, those Saltines you were eyeing as a side dish are not a great idea.

I think eating “low sodium” or “low fat” variations of your favorite foods is a dead end. They don’t taste as good. Makes eating a chore. A more useful idea is to get your flavor from healthier seasonings. Black pepper – good on fries. Chili peppers, bell peppers, onions, garlic – good eatin’. Skip the ketchup-flavored corn syrup and go with salsa or mustard.


5 thoughts on “40% smarter

  1. Yep, low-whatever is often worthless. Often, they make up for low-whatever with hi-somethingelse. A famous case was that of certain low-fat cookies, which added extra sugar to try to make up for the loss of a taste, so the caloric content was essentially the same.

    Another favorite is the microwaveable TV dinner which had “only” 1g of sodium per serving. I think they made them stop (1g = 1000mg, the usual measure of sodium).

  2. Just eat one can of soup, drink water the rest of the day, keep your Na content below the recommendation and lose a lot of weight! It’s a win-win-win and I think I’ll write a diet book about it. The Progresso dDiet…nah, they’d probably sue. Perhaps just The Nob Hill Diet, admittedly nothing to do with Nob Hill, but that never stopped the South Beach people.

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