11 thoughts on “Top Chef: Celebrity edition

  1. Can’t you just use *#@&! and stuff? Of course, being the blog of Derek and not Matt, maybe it would be best for Derek to have the final say.

    Is the blog intentionally family-friendly, or did it just happen to turn out that way?

    Andre the Giant as judge? LOL, he’d probably find some way to come back.

  2. Herve is also no longer among the living. But good television is not bound by such trivialities.

    The family-friendly question is interesting. I generally try to keep it clean but hey, it’s the web, so people are gonna post what they like. If it’s Matt’s version of the Aristocrats, I’d probably try to find some funny way to expunge the nasty parts. And then he’d accuse me of censorship and our USATE team would fall apart.

  3. i once drank beer with yo yo ma and seji ozawa at tanglewood, massachusetts. i think if feynmen were on there, he would make a bunch of gelees and foams, like marcel, and kirsan would try to shave fenmen’s head and get kicked off. herve would win with his signature miniature coq au vin crepes with shrimp and short ribs.

  4. I just typed in the whole story, but then realized it probably shouldn’t be put where a search engine could find it, as a friend of mine could possibly get into trouble.

    Email me at “matt (at) mattphelps (dot) com” if you want to hear it.


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