Wikipedia’s worst articles, part one

The Hutchinson Metric:

“Considering only nonempty, compact, and fintite [sicmetric spaces. For a space X, let P(X) denote the space of Borel probability measures…”

Of course it’s more in the spirit of things to correct such an article, not mock it. But it’s humorous when somebody’s head is so buried in their own space that they can’t communicate with non-experts.

Addendum: Somebody already fixed the fintite metric spaces. It would also be stronger with a lead sentence like “In mathematics …”  but since I don’t understand the Hutchinson Metric, I can’t write it.

Second addendum: Somebody added a lead sentence like “In mathematics …” and did it in a way that brilliantly makes fun of my first addendum. :)


4 thoughts on “Wikipedia’s worst articles, part one

  1. i actually was using the Hutchinson metric the other day, trying to tighten my seat post on my bike, but it turns out i just needed a regular hex wrench….

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