Dork Fest 2008

We have a piper downPlease vote for the dorkiest serious hobby for a middle-age suburban American man:

  • Unicycle
  • Chess (competitive)
  • Accordion
  • Star Trek (convention-level obsession)
  • D&D
  • Bagpipes (with kilt)
  • Maintaining all Wikipedia articles related to Stamp Collecting
  • Reading books like “Writing Windows NT Drivers” (for pleasure, not work)
  • Double Dutch (competitive)
  • Rock Paper Scissors (competitive)
  • Pan Flute

[The name Dork Fest 2008 generously supplied by Greg K’s wife (see comments).]

[Addendum: Well, there’s already a Dork Fest. But here’s the problem: If you look at the picture of the performers, you can see they aren’t dorks. They’re people pretending to be dorks. It’s like watching movies about the transformation of some high school ugly duckling into the belle of the ball, where they pick the most beautiful actress they can find and then PUT GLASSES ON HER as if this will make her “look like a dork”. It’s quite offensive to us real dorks. What, they couldn’t find an actual dork who can act? Sheesh.]


25 thoughts on “Dork Fest 2008

  1. Pan flute — lol.

    I would say D&D, but because I am living in the proverbial glass house, my vote should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. Pursuit of how many list itesms constitutes an Überdork?

    I have engaged in 3.


    P.S. You forgot juggling.


  3. Nope.

    (I did purchase a “method book” for playing the pipes once, but never got into it. If I did, I would have considered the kilt to be a required accessory.)

    1. Chess – kinda.
    2. D&D – and many other such games in my youth (including Strat-O-Matic
    Baseball, “The D&D for Baseball”, until a couple of years ago.)
    3. Convention-level Star Trek (actually general Science Fiction, of the
    written variety; I attended many Boskone conventions).

  4. I only qualify on one count listed (competitive chess) but reading books for pleasure like The Anthropic Cosmological Principle and The Franco-Prussian War might get me over the hump…

    Star Trek with costumes is cool until about 25 but if you’re 40+ that may be the dorkiest, in my book.

  5. Not male, have not participated in any of the above.

    But I’m only here for Top Chef and entertainment when it’s not airing.

  6. So of course I had to pose this question to my wife. She immediately placed her vote for maintaining all Wikipedia articles related to stamp collecting.

    Her rationale? “Because it’s actually two dorky activities going on at the same time [maintaining Wikipedia articles and stamp collecting].” I must admit that I found her logic compelling.

  7. Greg – thanks for doing the research. Man, as a former D&D-playing, Wikipedia-editing chess nut who can juggle – I sure feel sorry for those stamp-article losers.

  8. I put a post here a day or so ago, I wonder if it was blocked by the admin or my office….

    ….funny, that this is now considered the “top post”….

    ..dorks. :-)

  9. I agree with Greg K’s wife about maintaining stamp collecting articles on Wikipedia. Double dorkiness to the max! Guys competing in double dutch? I’m not even going to go there.

    I guess woman can’t be dorky? LOL

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