Still more reading: Little Round Top

For whatever reason I fixated at some point in my youth on the book Heroes in Blue and Gray, and in the course of our family travels we visited a Civil War battlefield or two. Shiloh being the one closest to our home in Memphis.

This Christmas my folks sent a copy of Twilight at Little Round Top, and I find myself drawn in again. (I probably should be studying for USATE, but an occasional broadening of one’s interests can’t hurt in the long run.) Little Round Top was the name granted after the fact to an elevated lump of turf that anchored the Union’s left flank on the second day of the battle at Gettysburgh in 1863.

It boggles the mind that 145 years ago, the Gray States and Blue States were running around blowing each other’s heads off. (Tiny hint of election-year irony intended.)


7 thoughts on “Still more reading: Little Round Top

  1. i was never a civil war fan, i always liked the revolution better. that said, i really really really enjoyed “killer angels” but that is the only civil war book i’ve ever read…

  2. in 120 years we will be wind farming, scimming sea troughs for algae, sifting massive piles of refuse for material and breaking asphalt with crow bars for material, and making organic micro-growth beds out of office cubicle particians, dappled next to curtain wall removes for access to rainwater, while offering decent ventilation in a warmed world, wondering how we could squander such an enormous opportunity to smartly retool, but IGNORed instead.

  3. Donnie – dead? Such pessimism in one so young :)

    Would studying make a difference for USATE? Yes, gotta be on top of my openings (such as they are). But as you imply, this is not an attempt at making some fundamental improvement in my game over the course of the next week.

    DK – indeed.

    CL – trivia: The battle of Shiloh shocked the states as more Americans died in one battle than had died in the entire Revolutionary War. It was the bloodiest battle in American history – and then its casualty total was surpassed eight more times during the Civil War.

    Shiloh, incidentally, is from the Hebrew word for “place of peace”.

  4. I’ve been to Gettysburg when I was a kid. I remember crouching behind a stone wall where the Union soldiers waited for Pickett’s Charge and thinking how easy it would be to kill anyone coming at me across that huge field, uphill. Spooky.

    DK, in 120 years, we’ll all still be alive and living whatever life we choose in a virtual world indistinguishable from real life. (I wonder which vision is scarier).


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