Clicking out

WordPress has expanded the statistics available to its bloggers. The long and short of this one is, nobody clicks on anything on Reassembler. These are accumulated lifetime numbers – links on this blog that have been clicked most over the past 14 months.

URL Clicks 41… 36… 34 24 19 18 17 16 15… 14 12… 12… 12… 12

Somebody tell Donnie’s Mascot not to get a big head. (Ooops. Too late.)


6 thoughts on “Clicking out

  1. We “met” when I was still using the old address? Cor.

    Sometimes, I wonder if all the clicks are being registered or there are enough people who are suspicious of links, and always type the address manually.

  2. nobody clicks on anything on Reassembler

    It’s probably very common. On LEP it’s similar. (Except Annie probably clicks on everything because she’s bored at work.) After much thought, there are three reasons why this occurs:

    1. People are busy: “Dang it, I still have 20-40 more blogs to keep up with; I don’t have time for all these.”

    2. People are lazy.

    3. Or, a more positive spin: people are more interested in what you have to say about something than in that actual something.

    (If you’re wondering, I was looking for the post where you talked about how you’ve been enjoying editing Wikipedia, and happened to run across some old stuff.)

  3. A half-baked hypothesis about Web publishing: It may be that web surfers mentally categorize sites as either a) producers or 2) aggregators, ala slashdot. Tough to move from one model to the other or do both effectively.

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